Here is what some of our customers have to say about TSR:

TSR is working wonderfully for us!  It’s really improving my ability to quickly run reports and complete the billing process.  I’m loving it!

– Tiffany, Up to Par Technology, LLC, USA


We at SMS provide a mixed range of services both offshore and onshore. Each project requires strict time management. Previously we used outlook as a support for completing excel based timesheets. However, there was never a core time data base used by all staff and analysis was not consistent, ironically making project analysis more time consuming. The introduction of TSR has cut out the use of multiple data bases used by various departments.
With a centralised system now in place through TSR, there is consistency in reporting and time tracking. The data base of information is simple and easy to use, many departments in the company are utilising TSR daily for different analysis reports. We plan to utilise TSR data for new developments to help make our engineering work more efficient.

– Kelly, SMS (Sand Monitoring), United Kingdom

Testimonial - Elixir

TSR is a versatile and straightforward timesheet recording product. Its easy to use outlook interface meant that staff can get onto it sooner with minimal training.
ver since we implemented TSR it has increased our productivity and the accuracy of our time recording..
hroughout the implementation of this software, the TSR team has been of great assistance to us, and has consistently been fast and efficient in their communications..

Agreat product and a great team over all, highly recommended.

– Amo, Elixir Healthcare Education, Australia


We have valued working with TSR. Their product is user-friendly, especially because of quick access to short videos, step-by-step guides, and their response team. Their admin tool allows for a variety of analyses that are useful – from organizational performance assessment to grant reporting. And in a world where customer service can be a tie-breaker in choosing between companies, we’ve been pleased with TSR – very courteous, patient and responsive.

– Jesse, Hoosier Environmental Council, USA

We use Timesheet Reporter as a tool to improve our productivity, as we are a support area – Process Improvement and Projects – so we need to be very efficient with our time. It has been wonderful to use this tool as it is natural for everyone to plan in Outlook, it is easy and quick – no wasted time. I recommend this software as it enhances your productivity and also makes you think on how you invest your time on the team goals. Also TSR Support and Sales areas are very kind and patient with every question we have.

– Maria, DIRECTV COLOMBIA, Part of AT&T, Colombia

We used to “ballpark” our fees and proposals. With TSR, we can organize all our information into a system that gives us all the information that we need to be the best prepared for any job. The training is brief but effective. More than anything else, the customer service was quick, devoted and I was constantly updated with progress reports. TSR exceeded all my expectations! I would recommend TSR to anyone!

– Aleah, Lighting Matters, Inc., USA


TimeSheet Reporter makes it possible for our users to report time via a platform they already know, that is Outlook. That means that time tracking becomes both a lot easier for the users and also more accurate.
Exactly that the time tracking is based on Outlook, makes the solution ideal for our users. They don’t have to log into different systems and remember when they did what.
It is a really solid solution, which will most certainly provide a lot of value to our users.

– Claus Canzella, Falck IT, Denmark

TSR has helped ePMO to:
* Organize our project data efficiently e.g. Hours worked on projects/activities et al
* Bill customers accurately and efficiently
* Analyze my data by allowing exportation of the information to Excel where I can further drill down the information to assist the organization as to how PMs use their time.
* Be more flexible in reporting of our activities
Overall TSR is a tool that increases our efficiency and effectiveness in billing to our clients and managing our data.

– Heather, Jamaica National Group, Jamaica


TSR has really helped B2 get the most out of our technicians. We are able to capitalize on billable time using existing simple tools our techs are already utilizing. The Outlook calendar integration allows our tech’s one place to enter service information and time without having to leave the application our service requests start in. This tool is small and simple to work with which keeps us efficient, a key in our business.

– Brett, B2 Solutions, USA


TSR covers our needs for precise and manageable reporting of the time we spend on technical consulting and support for ISS’ Danish client and service portfolio. Besides the retrospective documentation TSR is an important tool for planning and prioritizing our resources for future projects.

– Janus Rønstrup, Service Excellence Division, ISS Facility Services A/S, Denmark

Testimonial - Egmont

Egmont has benefited greatly by implementing TimeSheet Reporter. First of all we have saved significant amounts of time in extraction of time for invoicing. Second, we have chosen to incorporate TimeSheet Reporter in our processes for project work. This has resulted in that our overview of internal resources has improved significantly. Due to that TimeSheet Reporter lies as an add-in in Outlook, it’s incredibly easy to “sell” time reporting into our organization. Our employees finds totally natural to work with time reporting in Outlook.
In short, we are very satisfied with the product and the accompanying service.

– Stefan, Egmont Administration A/S, Denmark

I implemented TSR – TimeSheetReporter. I managed & created all data, settings, user permissions, project & activities. I have to say – I really like it! The software is clear, simple, and easy to use. The integration with Outlook, the feature I was looking for! I could keep my meetings and time record in one place from now on and easily transfer it to reports or Excel document. The software is changing all the time and new features are added constantly. And the support – first class – always pleasant, quick, efficient – thank you Guys! Highly recommended!

– Kinga Gluchowska, Makrado, South West Ireland  

When choosing a time reporting solution, we placed emphasis on generating as little extra work as possible for the users. TSR is just that: time reporting only requires a few extra clicks during the users’ regular maintenance of their Outlook calendars. In fact, using TSR encourages users to keep their Outlook calendars up-to-date at all times, thereby improving our overall team cooperation.

– Lutz, Berners Consulting GmbH, Germany  


We recently switched from a home-grown timekeeping system to TimeSheet Reporter.  The transition was seamless.  TSR is extremely easy to use via Outlook and a key feature for us is being able to access the software with any type of device.  All questions are quickly resolved by their support department.  They recently added Export Reporting as a feature which has been another major time saver for us.  I highly recommend TSR as an affordable solution for a time keeping system.

– Marc, Kors Engineering, USA  


We were looking for easy and accurate time reporting tools – TSR definitely offers those. Using this on Microsoft platforms makes it convenient for all users. From a reporting point of view, it brings all we need.

– Dimitri, HistoGeneX, Belgium  


TSR helps us in monitoring the margins of our projects and clients. It is easy to learn and use, very flexible and does not take too much work for our staff as they already use Outlook for the day to day activities. We received a constant and helpful support in the implementation phase to organize the tool to our needs.

– Alessandro Zollo, CEO, Great Place to Work, Italy  

Great solution. Efficient integration with Outlook. Easy to use. A small loading delay caused Outlook warnings, but this seems to have been solved. And great with a free version for small companies. Thumbs up. Can only recommend..

– Christian Friis Bach, warfair, Denmark  

As a freelancer with many simultaneous projects and clients and the obligation to maintain detailed time records for the various projects I spend a lot of time on this work. TSR makes it possible for me to make the monthly timesheets per project with less effort and without the need to make parallel accounting spreadsheet. TSR thus saves me a lot of time. The cost-benefit analysis for the license is very positive in my favor.

– Thomas, Thomas de Beyer, Germany  


TSR is a very easy but efficient program which work very well with Outlook. We can see exactly who has worked on how much and correspondingly evaluate the hours spent.

– Kerstin, Stabilis AG, Switzerland  

With TSR we now have the opportunity to easily see our time spend on the different projects, which gives us a better foundation for making decisions regarding future projects. The startup with TSR in the company has been easy and has proceeded smoothly. Staff has received the program well since it takes so little to report your time in TSR in contrast to other alternatives.

– Jesper, Energysolution A/S, Denmark  

Testimonial - FabienneLibert

Easy to use and included in my Outlook calendar, TSR helps me to charge all my worked hours, exactly and without any loss of information. TSR enables me to save valuable time every month.

– Fabienne, Fabienne Libert Avocats sprl, Belgium  

Testimonial - SBCConsulting

TimeSheet Reporter is easy and flexible to use. Time registration with TimeSheet Reporter via the Outlook calendar has made timesheet reporting much easier for the employees in my company. The support before, during and after our purchase has been superb, and I will truly recommend the product to all that would like to have a really good and solid time reporting solution.

– Christian, SBC Consulting, Denmark

Testimonial - 7fe

TSR has made it much easier & faster for me to get an overview over how time has been spent during the year.
he good thing about TSR is that it is where you create your appointmens anyway, that is, in Outlook..

Iwould actually say that you can shorten the above to TSR = simple and easy to use..

he service before and after purchase has been excellent! Good instructions before purchase and good follow-up after and during purchase of TSR.

– Henrik, 7FE, Denmark- Henrik, 7FE, Denmark

Testimonial - wutznxt

You and your team have created a great product that has allowed us to keep solid control of our time and reporting. It has allowed us to set new levels of reporting to our clients and prove us to be a leading edge company. It has also withstood review on many levels as well as deflected others even looking to review.

– Michael Napolitano, Executive Director of Finance & Operations, WutzNxt, Inc., USA

Testimonial - MomentaArkitekter

We use TimeSheet Reporter at our architecture office, to make it more simple for our architects to report their activities, and to simplify the processes with invoicing and having an overview over hours spent on the projects. We use the online-version to avoid having to make upgrades on our own server.
he installation is smooth and fast at the users’, and we have received good support from the supplier.

– Thor Arne, Momenta Arkitekter AS, Norway 

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