TSR covers our needs for precise and manageable reporting of the time we spend on technical consulting and support
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TimeSheet Reporter Videos

Below you can find some videos showing TimeSheet Reporter.

All the videos are available in HD quality. Just select that from the bottom menu on each video.

Installing and Setting Up Data with TSR

Introductions and Benefits of Using TSR







Create and Submit Appointments with the TSR Outlook User Agent

This video will show you how to create and submit appointments with the TSR Outlook User Agent.


Using TimeSheet Reporter on SmartPhones

This video will show you how to use TSR on SmartPhones (iPhone, Windows Phone, Android, etc..


Approval of Timesheets

This video will show you how supervisors can approve timesheets from users in the TSR Admin module.


Manual Time Entries

This video will show you how to manually enter your time with TSR.


Use the Standard Reports

This video shows how to use the standard reports in TimeSheet Reporter to get a quick overview of how time has been spent.


Export Time Entries from TSR with TSR DataBridge

This video will show you how to export time entries created with TimeSheet Reporter to CSV-files which you can then open in other programs, for example accounting, CRM or Excel.


Hourly rates reporting

Hourly rates reporting.


Hourly rates administration

Hourly rates administration.


Adding and submitting expenses

Adding and submitting expenses.


Approving expenses

Approving expenses.


Expense reporting

Expense reporting.


Installation of the TSR agent

This video will show you how to installe the hosted version of TSR.


Creating a Project with TSR

This video will show you how to create a project with with TimeSheet Reporter.


Return On Investment (ROI) with TimeSheet Reporter

This video shows the impressive ROI with TSR.




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